Protective gas masks model GP-5 Russian production:

The GP-5 was designed to protect civillans from radioactive fallout during the Cold War.  They're protecting you also from microbes, gases and other harmful materials which can be in air. This mask is a helmet type mask which was made in white or grey rubber. The lenses of these masks are held in place by crimped metal rims, crimped onto the rubber of the mask. The bottom of the mask is made of metal, and it is in the 40mm filter inlet, and the inhale and exhale valves assembly. Air entered through the inhale valve, passed into the mask through Tissout tubes under the lenses and was breathed out through the exhale valve. The lenses are easily fogged up and to prevent this, anti-fogging lens inserts were included with the Kit. This mask requires to have strong elasticity, and must be stretched over the head for it to be worn. This allows for a secure fit, but can make the mask uncomfortable to use for long periods of time. The mask comes with a bag with two straps, one to hold the bag over the shoulder, and the other to keep it tight around the waist preventing it from moving around as the person walked, and certification and instructions for use. 

COMPLETE: (head mask + filter + bag + anti-fog lenses)
BOX: WEIGHT: 40kg DIMENSIONS: d = 95cm, w = 50cm, h = 45cm, KITS = 40 pcs
PALLET: 9X BOX, WEIGHT 360kg DIEMNSIONS : d = 150cm, w = 100cm, h = 150cm, SETS = 360 pcs

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