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We are a company with long and successfull tradition which is operating for more than 10 years. We are seperated from the others by a combination of a long-term experience of working in a variety of industries, and excellent sale results as well as the excellent quality of the products.

We run our bussines on whole Europe, our company seat is in Slovakia in Bratislava. In today's world the enterprise has made an impact on the economic stabillity and strength of the environment. Here are the focus areas of te innovation and the creation of new jobs, as well as the life of the society in which it operates. It is a service in which we will provide you the purchase of the products, services of taking your waste, the purchase of the walls as well as other areas of the building and the purchase and the product of the compositions of the panels. For choosen service we're giving you an option for online buying with dellivery system or personal takeover of the goods. Our company provides you quallity of choosen products, because our goal is to serve the needs of a wide range of customers and bussiness partners. Our goal is also to become one of the biggest and the most important supplier in the construction industry and the above-mentioned other products.
Because of the wide selection of our products, their impressive quality and relatively low price, we're expecting expansion of the market share.

Beside all that is our company also selling medical protecting masks. (GP-5; Italian farmacy masks L'UNICO) with added all the documentation and certification for sell and use.